‘Don’t Hate, Caffeinate’ Badge


‘Don’t Hate, Caffeinate’ Badge


Product Description

‘Don’t Hate, Caffeinate’ Badge by Frilly Industries.

Caffeine addict? Coffee Connoisseur? Bean snob? If you or someone you know answers a big fat ‘YES!’ to all of those statements, then this is the badge for you.

We can’t function without at least 3 cups of coffee – and sometimes people just need the reminder that everything will be right with the world once they’ve had their daily caffeine hit. It’s also a great gift for your decaf friends that offend you with their decaf requests when they visit your home.

By buying this pin you’ll be contributing towards our ‘Fancy Coffee Machine Appeal’, which will help us become more productive by drinking better coffee everyday!

Each coffee cup is nestled with some beans within a wax sealed box.

Made From

Our coffee cups are made from FSC certified plywood on our laser cutter Bertha. Whoop! Whoop! It’s responsibly sourced and sustainable wood.

Although the item is exterior grade wood, please keep away from water. The brooch back is a nickel barrel pin.

How big?

H – 3cm x W – 3cm x D – 1cm


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