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Rumours have been swapped in hushed voices, softly spoken with a glint in the eye, for a new coffee shop has emerged in our fair city.

A new kid on the block, here to add their voice to the crowd and celebrate the ever-increasing, gloriously-unstoppable, coffee mania that has gripped Birmingham over the past few years. But wait, this is no normal coffee shop – something is different here, something we’ve never seen before in this city called home… Ever stalwart, we set off to investigate.

Welcome to Quarter Horse Coffee – where only the freshest coffee can fuel your daily grind.

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Located on Bristol Street (a five minute walk from New Street Station), Quarter Horse Coffee is a chic-minimal, independent coffee shop and roaster dedicated to serving up some of the freshest coffee to be found in Birmingham – and when we say fresh, we mean fresh!


Now, before we get started, we’ve got some extremely exciting news for all you die-hard coffee fanatics and flat white veterans who do dwell in this fair city of ours. Indeed, one of the most defining aspects of Quarter Horse Coffee (yes, even more so than it’s intriguing name) is that they are Birmingham’s first and only commercial-sized coffee roasters! With two huge roasting machines churning out only the freshest and most fragrant roasted beans, which are then bagged and sealed for your purchasing pleasure or used straight away in your coffee (how cool is that!), Quarter Horse Coffee has certainly made a bold entrance into Birmingham’s flourishing coffee scene.


What’s more, there’s all kinds of coffee-making paraphernalia available to purchase at Quarter Horse Coffee, to accompany those freshly roasted beans of yours, so that you too can enjoy the delicious tastes and flavours of these world coffees without having to leave the comfort of your kitchen – how wonderful!


In addition to being an on-site roaster (and there’s something indescribably mesmerising about watching the coffee beans swirl as they’re being roasted – we could watch it for hours), Quarter Horse Coffee is, first and foremost, a coffee shop. Serving up super fresh coffee fresh from the roast, alongside an array of delicious cakes (oh the carrot cake!), baked goods and light bites, you’ll find that Quarter Horse Coffee is a wonderful oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of daily life – and a great place to visit to both nurture your already deep-abiding love for coffee or else inspire yourself to commence a life-long passion for this potent potion we do so adore.

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The coffee shop itself is pretty minimal, exuding a creative-industrial vibe with its sparse wooden tables, white-washed walls and the occasional din of roasting machines chugging away in the background adding to its individualistic atmosphere. Indeed, the spacious and open nature of this coffee shop acts as the perfect environment for those looking to spread out and get on with some work in peace whilst still encompassed within the social cocoon that comes from working within a coffee shop. Minimally stylish and naturally lit, Quarter Horse Coffee is the ideal location for catching up with old friends or simply enjoying your own company with a delicious cup of coffee in one hand and a good book in the other – bliss!

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So, if you looking for somewhere to grab a slice of delicious carrot cake and catch up with your friends over a cuppa, or you simply love coffee and wish to purchase some freshly roasted beans to use at home, then a trip to Quarter Horse Coffee is definitely in order!

Now offering Independent Birmingham Membership Card holders either 10% off the bill OR £1 off freshly roasted bags of coffee, you can check them out at or on Twitter: @QtrHorseCoffee


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