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Come be social. It’s fun, and we have cocktails!

Located in The Mailbox, adjacent to The Cube and overlooking the beautiful canal, Gas Street Social is a stylish and vibrant bar-cum-restaurant dedicated to providing weary workers and eager foodies alike with the ideal spot in which to grab a bite to eat, quaff a craft cocktail or two and, of course, socialise!

Scotch Eggs

With socialising at the heart of everything they do (it’s in the name after all) , Gas Street Social has tailored their menu around the art of sharing – in a vain attempt to get you talking to one another, when really all that’ll happen is that your table will spontaneously transform into a localised feeding frenzy as soon as the sharing platters arrive without a single word being said to one another between mouthfuls (why waste an open mouth with talking when it could be used to stuff with food, we say). Ok, so the feeding frenzy part may have been made up – the sharing, however, is not.


With all this talk of sharing, it must be noted that it’s not actually obligatory for you to share your food with others, and there is a lovely and diverse array of delicious British, seasonal dishes in which to sink your teeth without the unsettling fear that others may want the last chip. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to indulge in the tapas-style art of sharing when you could be loading up your stomach with cheese boards accompanied by pineapple and chilli chutney, meat platters slathered in award-winning seasonal meats and social plates containing anything from crispy arancini balls to scotch eggs? Our mouths are watering at the mere thought of all this delicious food, just waiting to be eaten. You can even share the desserts! Although we don’t think anyone is going to be foolish enough to offer another living person a bite of their chocolate brownie topped with Amaretto cream and drowned in chocolate sauce (as seen in our guide to 15 Of The Best Desserts In Birmingham) – you’ll definitely be wanting that all for yourself!


So let’s talk cocktails. No established bar is complete without them and at Gas Street Social, cocktails are serious business. If they aren’t distilling their own syrups or attaching adorable Birmingham-related nicknames to their drinks, then they’re serving up delicious cocktail concoctions by the carafe and punch bowl and providing you with a reason to turn up to work every day – so you can come grab a cocktail after work with your friends, of course. Artisan, craft cocktails and even a cocktail on tap (yes, you heard us correctly – on tap, like beer…but a cocktail) – whether you’re yearning for a Socialite or you’re intrigued by the Mule On Tap, the fantastic selection of cocktails at Gas Street Social is sure to keep you busy broadening your taste horizons for many a bar session to come.


Now, brunch is a concept full of hope and the most glorious of food. Is it breakfast? It is lunch? We don’t really care so long as there’s lashings of bacon, tasty eggs and, of course, the defining poison of choice – a Bloody Mary. There are two plays that can be made here:

1.) Should you happen to not be nursing a hangover, then bottomless brunch is just the phrase you wanted to hear. With Full English platters to serve the family (or just yourself should you be feeling extra hungry!), unlimited toast and bottomless Bellinis mixed to your preference – a boozy brunch is just the thing to get your weekend started off with a bang. There’s even granola, eggs to any preference and a range of pastries should you be looking for something a little lighter in the morning. How thoughtful, and tasty – that too!

2.) Shall we set the scene? Maybe you went for a quiet drink last night, things escalated, quickly, and now you’re nursing the most heinous hangover of your life. You need sustenance, rehydration. Gas Street Social’s weekly bottomless brunch sounds like just the place to do this. There’s plenty of fried food to soak up all the alcohol still languishing in your system (yes, you did turn up to brunch mildly to still-fairly-heavily intoxicated – but hey, it’s the weekend, right?) and, because they are kind and understand your pain, Gas Street Social offer free Beroccas to all in need should the rehydration station not be enough to quell the beast that is your morning-after hangover. Hangover 0 – 1 You.


Gas Street Social itself is both contemporary and chic, with Birmingham’s own Jam Jar Lights having provided the illumination to lend the bar-cum-restaurant that final indefinable touch of class. With large tables and booth seating dominating the restaurant area (all designed to encourage socialisation), and al fresco dining available on the terrace overlooking the canal for those days when the sunshine just won’t allow you to stay hidden away indoors (even if you are drinking Rum Punch and wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt) – Gas Street Social is indeed the ideal place to visit should you feel an evening tipple with your friends is long overdue (it has been all day after all…).


Interior 2

So, if the working week has been a bind and you’re looking for somewhere stylish yet informal in which enjoy a delicious cocktail and the good company of friends, or you’re simply looking for somewhere new and exciting to satisfy your hunger alongside your foodie friends, then a trip to Gas Street Social is definitely in order!

Now offering Independent Birmingham Membership Card holders a free Mule or Socialite cocktail, Pistonhead craft beer or glass of house wine when purchasing any main course (Three Social Plates is equivalent to a main course), you can check them out here: website and twitter

Compliments to Jack Spicer Adams for some of the photos featured above. You can check out his other work here.

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