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Do you know what Birmingham’s been missing? A fine wine bar. A cosy, laid-back space where you can simply gather with your friends and loved ones, relax and sip on high-end wines that won’t have you waking up with a throbbing head in the morning after just one glass (if you have 10 glasses, you might end up with the throbbing head anyway…). In any case, it was just the other day that we were remarking about this gap in the market, as we see it. Don’t get us wrong, there are a number restaurants, with bars, which offer a very eclectic array of fine wines by the glass, but no single bar dedicated to the grape. Thankfully, someone else was on the same wavelength as us. Another brilliant new addition to Birmingham’s independent food and drink scene, and finally that fine wine bar we’ve all been yearning for.

Introducing Cheval Blanc.


Located next door to The Dark Horse (Alcester Road, Moseley), Cheval Blanc introduces the people of Moseley, and Birmingham, to something rather special – an intimate environment in which to simply sit down with a group of friends, or a loved one, and foray into the diverse and tasty world of fine wine. A speciality wine bar where fine wines are revered above all else. Just what the doctor ordered.


Your glass of wine tells a story. It tells a story of its origins – the region the grapes were grown in, the minerals in the soil, the climate, the process in which it was transformed from grape to glass. No two wines are identical, each has their own individualistic style and flavour, thus making the world of fine wine tremendously diverse and engaging. In a celebration of this diversity, Cheval Blanc stocks over 70 different wines by the bottle (25 by the glass) in its (rather frigging cool) spiral cellar, with prices ranging anywhere from £15-20 per bottle to £1000. Yes, there is a £1000 bottle of wine at Cheval Blanc. Maybe one to go halves with a mate, yeah?

With knowledgable staff on hand to help you select the wine that suits your individual preferences, or maybe guide you into pushing the boat out a little further and broadening your taste boundaries, Cheval Blanc’s intimate setting is the perfect environment for both grape veterans and newbies alike to celebrate wine in all its glory. This is a renaissance of the wine bar.



Now folks, you’re going to need some grub to soak up all that alcohol, right? Otherwise you’ll be swinging from the rafters and getting into all manner of raucous shenanigans. Well, you’re in luck because Cheval Blanc like to feed and as well as imbibe, and have thus curated a rather splendid small plates selection for you to graze upon while sipping your fine wine of choice – whether you go for a full-blown meal or simply for few snacks is up to you. The already intimate vibe of this small, 24 cover wine bar, in addition to the cosy and familiar atmosphere sharing small plates promotes, ensures that Cheval Blanc is the perfect spot for any date night – whether you’ve been with your chosen companion 25 years or 25 days. Simply head to Cheval Blanc, impress them with your choice of destination and innate knowledge of fine wines (when really you’re just letting the sommeliers do all the work for you, you crafty so and so) and share small plates to your heart’s content as you stare into each other’s eyes. You will earn all the brownie points available on the planet. Guaranteed.



In addition to the eclectic collection of wines available at Cheval Blanc, should you be harbouring friends who (it almost pains us to say this) don’t actually like wine (*quietly sobs onto keyboard*) then it’s still ok for you to be friends with them (maybe) as Cheval Blanc also boasts a rather tasty cocktail menu – so everybody’s happy, right? And by happy, we mean drunk. Drunk as a skunk. Shaken and stirred by cocktail connoisseurs, these cocktails are so moreish you’ll definitely be wanting to work your way through the entire menu, and then in reverse (because they’re that damn tasty). FACT.

Attend, bring a loved one or small group of friends and simply spend an evening foraying into the delicious and diverse world of wine as you nibble on small plates in this intimate and stylish 24 cover wine bar. It’s the right thing to do – for wine and for glory.


Now offering Independent Birmingham Membership Card holders a free glass of wine (sommelier’s choice) when you purchase two small plates or more – for more information, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter


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