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Burger News: The Meat Shack Are Opening A Restaurant!


Holy burger-dripping-goodness Batman!

The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Even if you didn’t know you were waiting for it, it has arrived. That’s right folks, Brum burger slingers, The Meat Shack, are opening up their very own restaurant.


We’re so excited for this new restaurant opening that we can barely type out the words we need to describe just how frikkin’ awesome it’s going to be. Seriously folks, if you’ve not yet sunk your teeth into one of The Meat Shack’s beautiful street food burgers then quite frankly you haven’t lived. Luckily, come mid-to-late July (there’s no official opening date for now, just sometime around then) you’ll be able to rectify the biggest mistake in your life and stuff your face with all the burger goodness you could ever dream of (*swoons*).


Having made the rounds in Birmingham’s street food scene, slinging burgers left, right and centre to the hungry folk of Brum, The Meat Shack are now taking the next step and we’re delighted that such ace purveyors of burgery goodness are opening up their own permanent venue – the city will be all the more ace for their presence.

Opening in Birmingham’s Southside, the restaurant itself will have a slightly ‘speakeasy’ vibe about it – but without the pretension – in that if you’re in the know, and you love burgers, you’ll find them. The offering will be the usual greatness in burger form, along with a range of sides, fries, veggie options and craft beer. So pretty much everything you could ever hope for in terms of your new favourite burger shack.


And that’s all the info we have for now folks. Now all that’s left is for you (and us) to white-knuckle it until mid-to-late July and wait for these epic burgers to land in B-town.

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